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Achternaam: Bot
Geboren: 16-05-1975
Plaats: Delft
Land: Nederland
Omschrijving:About Cassandra Bot

At a young age I started with drawing pastel crayons, which over time evolved into painting with both acrylic and oil.

Starting purely for my own pleasure it has now grown into a serious occupation.
Because to me painting is form of expressing myself I do not feel comfortable to paint as taught through standard techniques and through courses.
This for me is the reason I made a conscious decision not to attend any art school.
By talking with other artists and understanding how paintings come to be created I have laid a solid foundation of basic knowledge, which ripened over time.
I wanted to discover through experience how to use different materials and techniques.
My emotions and the materials deliver the end result to the best of my abilities.

As for styles, I have tried wide range of different styles. Most of my work can be described as abstract because I prefer to let the structure, paint and colours determine the picture.
Colours are chosen based on the sensation, emotion or experience I want to express, away from given standards and rules, with result.
I want to feel free and this freedom is essential for me to get the picture across. It is the reason for me to paint.

Because I want others to experience a similar freedom, I have chosen to provide the viewer with the option to rotate my paintings in any direction they want.
Maybe the painting will provide you with a different sensation when rotated 90 or 180 degrees.
This is why my signature is made up of three little dots or sometimes just on the back of the painting if I do not feel it should be on the front.
Also I would actually prefer not to name any of my paintings. However, realizing that simply numbering could rob you of the sensation of a title that urges you to look and think again, I have named them all with the emotion that comes closest to my experience at that time.
Sensations, emotions and experiences are very personal, so feel free to come up with your own experience and names when looking at my work.


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