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  Kunstenaardetail Finn Pedersen Terug »
Voorletters: F.
Achternaam: Pedersen
Geboren: 1944
Plaats: Bornholm
Land: Denemarken
Omschrijving:Finn Pedersen, born in 1944 on the island, Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, grew up on a little farm. On an early age he realized that being an art painter was his most important ambition. In 1959 he got his first painting lessons. Four years later he passed the examination. In 1964 he qualified as window decorator. This year Pedersen also met some very interesting artists. One of them taught him how to make graphics an other put him in touch with abstract art. Pedersen felt very attracted to Abstrahism an he developed himself in that direction. Pedersen's parents moved to Copenhagen. From then on he commuted between Copenhagen an Bornholm and painted on both locations. In 1965 Pedersen prepared himself for his first exhibition and autumn 1966 he had an exhibition in the Arne Juuls gallery in Frederiksberg. It was very successful. That year he was also asked to enjoy in the winter exhibition of the Court gallery. It was very honorable for the 22-year old Pedersen because Asger Jorn, Karel Appel, Carl Henning Pedersen and many other cobra artists took also part in this exhibition. Pedersen's next exhibition, called "The Permanent" was in 1968 . All his paintings were sold. In the same year unfortunately Pedersen became physically ill and has been admitted in a Hospital of psychiatric. In 1970 Pedersen got an invitation for joining an group of artist called "august 70". This was his chance to get famous. After consultation with the doctors, who realized that for Pedersen painting was the only way to get healthy, he got permission to leave the hospital. The painting career of Pedersen passed successful. Till 1975 he had every year an exhibition at the Henning Larsens gallery in Copenhagen. In 1977 John Schmidt of the International Gallery invited Pedersen to come to Ribe one of the oldest towns in Denmark. Schmidt became Finn's promoter in Jutland. John admitted that Finn is a very talented artist and helped him promoting his paintings. In 1982 Finn married his present Northern Irish wife Mary. She became a great support and inspiration for Pedersen. In 1981 Pedersen got an international break-through. He met a young art dealer from The United States, Jens Faunschow. Jens took the paintings of Pedersen to San Francisco and sold them for amazing high prices. His work is also being exposed at the Art ExpoWest in San Francisco. Since 2001 Wanrooij Fine Art is promoting Finn Pedersen permanent in the world. Nowadays many people collect the paintings of Pedersen. They are in private collections all over the world.
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